What if ..    The real hypothesis of this website

There is no doubt that science has its ‘enemies’, even possibly grouped into an anti-science movement. This blog tries simply to say that all opposition to science is unnecessary. Solution : Just find out what real science is and try it.

In the wider context, so many people also criticise science “because of its limitations”. It is my contention that science appreciation would benefit if tested as a complete universal way of thinking.  By you and for you…in order to find out its potential for us ALL. Not just in the laboratory. In any situation where the processes outlined in the “What is this thing called SCIENCE post” apply.


This testing requires only you and your imagination, no chemicals test tubes, very few material objects, no advice written or otherwise, a consideration for other people of course but most of all using abilities that you were already born with (and may be surprised that you have). Perhaps this adventure in blog form would function better if you have more experience of life, but then science is always a good way of getting experience good or bad. Experience is all.


What if …the whole of our lives had to be lived without being told what to do and without telling anyone else what to do?


At this point I feel it necessary to state that “being told what to do” includes being commanded, forced, tricked or induced what to do and what to conclude. Also, to say that I realise for the sake of health & safety of the immature or incapable, it will be necessary to shout or tell someone that danger is imminent. This includes in advance by way of rules and simply anything that is the surest way to save a life.


THIS CAN ONLY BE THOUGHT OF AS AN IDEAL TO AIM AT and requires flexibility of thought and pragmatism. It will take an infinite time to apply but it does at least give us something to aim at.


This blog is an exploration of the implications of this theory. It cannot be disproved except by actually trying it. One can only guess at how long it would take to fully implement this theory.


I also realised quite early on that encouraging people to not obey the commands of others had quite a bit of anarchic feel about it. But I have concluded that this does not represent anarchism, which I take as a complete rejection of laws and all agreed ways of doing things existing in society.


My suggestion unlike anarchism does offer a viable alternative instead of listening to the views or instructions of others. That is your own personal science.


Being instructed or confined is the pure essence of slavery. We are talking of

Freedom through science


Taking all the above points into consideration perhaps the best way to express my hopes for society by way of a universal achievable common way of thinking would be.

Try Science in all situations, in
order never to be told or forced what to do.



This website is my effort to counter extremist views from all directions by using natural processes we are born with.

Further Points This video below makes many good points but he is telling you what to do. My view is that you can research yourself and try experiments with your life style which achieve  the same ends

2 thoughts on “WHAT IF…..?

  1. Great blog post! Interesting read and suggests concept which we don’t even consider in this developed society we live in. I agree that there should we should do everything in our power to find a truth to many scientific questions so the science deniers are put to shame, even if one of them is currently the leader of the free world!

    One questions came to mind reading it and I was wondering if you had an opinion on it:

    You make the constant message of science of freedom. Using your quote: “Try science in all situations, in order never to be told or forced what to do.” Do you believe in ANY restrictions on ANY science being done? Are there some scientific truths that are useless to know? With complete freedom, it arises many ethical and moral questions that can be investigated. An example for this could be ‘The Bell Curve’ study, published in 1994, written by Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray. The study and book focused on the variations in intelligence in American society, warn of some consequences of that variation, and propose social policies for mitigating the worst of the consequences. The conclusions from the study raised controversy as it suggested people are born with different traits and some traits are inherent and genetic, such as IQ. The book also suggests a difference in IQ differences depending on ethnic group. (i.e. Asian people, on average, have higher IQ than European people). It is easy to see why this kind of science can be seen to be controversial and maybe not worth knowing? Would the world be a better place if some science experiments are not completed, or is a complete, transparent truth what we are aiming for?

    Let me know what you think.

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    1. Dear Jack

      Yours are the most anticipated questions of any science blogger and also some of the most important. Some people do deal with them by saying “Oh there is another side of life for questions of a particular type and I would prefer to stick exclusively with those responders thank you very much”.

      I will stick with science through thick and thin so I can only try to answer for science and I know that others will not change their views on science whatever I say. All that I am saying is that there are as set of skills that we are born with and they are being neglected often for very good reason, but we must do something about the neglect before the number of questions and the time consumption in answering those questions get too great for a relatively small group of people. Responsibility to everyone by everyone is the key.

      So, to answer the question. The ability to answer a question before the question really arises is really immaterial. We do demand proof but you cannot demand future proof. Not all detecting and measuring machines have been invented yet but these will continue to be extremely important. So, the answer comes back to faith- yes, we do need it faith in yourself and faith in science. Ask yourself has science demonstrated that it can solve problems to benefit mankind to a sufficiently thorough and lasting degree? Has it produced both simple and complex even beautiful solutions that have helped all people who admit to their own humanness? Does it have sufficient checks in place so that we can have confidence? The best question you can ever ask about science is “Is it worth investing our own hard earned money in more of it?”
      So it worth wondering about future science questions? Well we will always do it whether it is or not. Thank ‘something’ that we do. The ability to differentiate just any question from those that are just a waste of time is an important one. I know that you had the best of reasons for asking this one.
      I would say that your Bell curve point is more a question of interpretation of the explanation of results and the irrelevant projection of its ideas to unsuitable territories.
      IQ is not a universally accepted concept. It does measure something but probably says a lot more about the psychology of the test designer than the candidate. Its use is therefore confined to limited and well-chosen situations

      You cannot ask a REALLY bad question because I even regard progress as being when you have eliminated all the bad questions you clear the field for the good one, just be careful how you interpret.
      So please keep asking? I will end with a quote which finishes Peter Atkins book “On being” [Oxford UP]
      “The scientific method is a distillation of common sense in alliance with honesty and its discoveries illuminate the world. Unlike myth making which is entertainment in alliance with the desperation of sought but thwarted understanding, that illumination is the sound and firm foundation for the joy of true comprehension. “


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