What is this thing called SCIENCE

It would seem to be a good place to start with a definition of science, although definitions always eventually bring up difficulties. They have usefulness within restricted discussions and should be abandoned or rejigged in cases of failure to reach agreement

Such definitions as


do not help the person first trying to understand if that person has little knowledge including that of scientific method.

It MAY be helpful to think that science is not a ‘body’ –a group of scientists or a set of words and diagrams in a textbook, but to understand  that it is a set of processes

It is always important to distinguish the processes of science from the actual conclusions from these processes. Processes can be refined and conclusions changed.

In this blog, we will try to consider science as a
‘Set of Processes’

Scientists will disagree endlessly about what processes are involved in science. I have no interest in deciding what processes are involved {if such a decision can ever be reached}, but rather in proposing a simple set of processes as a suggested set that might be suitable for advancing a simple introductory model of science.

The ones that I have chosen are

oyosbusiness card2 colchnge jpg

See separate posts about each these processes

Each process has a usefulness and ‘life’ of its own yet it is possible to argue that each can be used as a ‘starter pack’ for the rest of the collection. E.g. discovery of a set of data from historic records, cannot help but cause a trained scientist to think “Wonder what research went into this? “Wonder how I could present this data more graphically so that more people would understand its implications” Science can be an addictive exercise and you can easily be doing science without realising it or even reaching ANY conclusion – in public anyway.

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