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  1. Loved the frog in the video! Really made me LOL! Did not love that Amy girl though, she needs a slap! Hate precocious children! I think the frog should take over her part!


  2. Precocious

    * (of behaviour or ability) having developed at an earlier age than is usual or expected.”a precocious talent for computing”

    * (of a plant) flowering or fruiting earlier than usual.

    Gary, All over 20yrs know that feeling. Could it be that you admire the [science] ability but compare the age at which YOU reached that ability and feel sad?

    I am sure that you can understand why she was put in that video since its title [and my purpose] suggest that everyone can do science. If I am going to change people’s views they have to be able to play again like a child. She did have a lot of support.

    “The frog instead of Amy?”Well the frog was using instinct which let him or her down as it did not get a satisfying meal. Is instinct science ? Well that is a question worthy of its own post.

    Glad you had an [unexpected?] LOL moment. That suits my purpose too as all science should contain an element of the unexpected.


  3. Yes, I certainly admire Amy’s ‘science’ ability – good for her. I haven’t reached that ability yet! I still don’t enjoy watching ‘precocious’ children of that ilk (I think that’s pretty common), It’s like she’s going to burst into singing “Tomorrow” at any minute!

    Children can still develop early without coming across as Amy does. Maybe in time and with more experience she will gain a better stage presence. Amy may have an amazing science mind but people need more than that if they’re going to stand up and talk in front of a camera/audience.

    It certainly doesn’t make me sad! I love watching talented children who do not come across as precocious. Children can be incredibly precocious but also stunningly natural at the same time. Jodie Foster, Jackie Coogan, Tatum O’Neal and Henry Thomas are prime examples. Even the kids who presented ‘Why Don’t You’, they weren’t even precocious, just natural.

    I’m sorry but the frog was more entertaining to watch! The frog could be the next ‘Grumpy Cat’. Amy might be the science equivalent of the antique world’s ‘James Harries’ but that doesn’t mean she’s a natural public speaker as well. Amy’s onscreen presence put me off watching the rest of the video – surely that’s not a good thing?


    1. You are my first respondent and yet together we are highlighting a very important blockage to the greater appreciation of science!
      If you look at the coloured illustration of Science processes on my business card or in the “What is this thing called science?” post you will see the word PRESENTATION there. Remember these are only my suggestions for words to use but this word must be very important to get right for you too.

      Amy first. Presentation skills are being taught in schools now – not that everyone has to give a TED talk but interviews where you have to present your skills are one area where most people get deeply involved.
      I am afraid that my following prediction (with caveats) will not please you. There will be more Amys.
      Secondly Your Science teachers in the past : The way they presented science to you was of great importance and I do not mind anyone responding to the blog telling me of their good and bad experiences. How much though, did they give YOU the responsibility for reaching conclusions? Did you OWN your own science?


      1. I loved science at school, and loved my Science Teacher (she was shaped like a pear). However, according to my GCSE test result, I was terrible at it!! But in those days we weren’t taught ‘how to pass tests’ like current students are. But that’s a whole other debate!

        There being more Amys does not displease me! Because I own the right to decide what I find compelling and what I do not. Was Amy interviewed/auditioned for this role? Of course I don’t know for sure, but it comes across as if she wasn’t – they found a child with an interest in science and forgot to look at the whole picture. Maybe they couldn’t find/afford anyone with all that was needed? A lack of presentation skills can be incredibly distracting to certain people and have a great impact on their learning. This could be simply anything, from a teacher/presenter with a strong accent, a hearing difficulty or monotone voice. I’ve experienced all of those and it’s definitely harder to concentrate, participate and enjoy what’s being taught.

        I’ve no doubt Amy has a huge fan base and opens many a local jumble sale. However, at the end of the day we are all individuals with differing tastes, preferring different ways of learning and how we’re supplied information. If that wasn’t the case we’d only have one TV channel and every company, TV show, play, book and film would be a runaway success*.

        If we are to go by the words on your ‘THIS IS SCIENCE?’ process, specifically the word ‘present’, Amy still has some science to learn too! Would it not have been more appropriate to have someone who has grasped the complete science process?

        I personally don’t believe Amy was a successful choice overall, for reasons already given. But, I’m happy if others think she was and were engaged by her performance.
        Individuality after all, is the science of life!

        *you’ll be happy to know I removed a reference to Hitler here!


  4. This is a really good blog. I’m so impressed. Don’t think I could have done as half a decent job as this. I’ve bookmarked it so I will continue to read it and comment where necessary. Just wanted to say well done for my first comment. Very proud of you!


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