We need your help…….



In addition to following this blog, asking questions, making comments, replies & suggesting general improvements we need your help in several other ways as follows.


  • Help with WORDPRESS. It should be obvious to those that can help which features I am not using and which I should be using. If you are an expert in WordPress design I could do with some advice. As this is a not for profit blog I do not intend to ask for any paid actual work help, just advice
  • IF YOU ARE A CODER THE proposed initial, all-age teaching Model of Science Processes shown in the “What is this thing called Science “post is obviously a 2D static model.


Science is not a static thing. Even though a question asked can remain static for a very long time, we want the solution processes to move as soon as possible. The above model then is NOT sufficiently flexible to characterise the real-life processes of science. It needs to convey how timings between processes differ as well as other variables not shown. Sometimes a conclusion is reached seconds after the hypothesis. On other modelling situations, it would take many decades or other long periods to pass between these two markers, testable question and possible answer. It needs to be a dynamic model animated ,stop framed and controllable between each process. Possibly in the future bring in another dimension.

If you code this, YOU could massively help to bring the model to a much wider attention. I am of the generation that was not taught coding, being frustrated and condemned just to struggle with using a smart phone successfully. It should not be a task without precedents as my vision of the animated process which I manged to cobble together by videoing a crudely constructed solid version is shown above.
Does it not resemble a Fruit machine; one armed bandit; gambling machine with lemons and fruits etc.?


Such computer versions of these must have sharable coding listings, and a colourful adaptation would be the main job.  Please send a message if you are willing to try this, although I cannot guarantee to choose your version or any other, if possible adding your views on this question “Does the animated computer graphics produced by your work make better sense as a model of the changing processes of science. You will be given full credit if your work is used in this blog.

  • If you have performed your own science at home using a science process model similar to the one we are proposing is discussed, then please send a BRIEF description of your work emphasising the different processes. We are particularly interested in work done safely in the home and in problems that are solved using science. It could be work done as a hobby e.g. birdwatching, robot wars, comfortable living devices, patent applications etc. etc.



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