How do you see the future of science education?

How do you see the future of science education?

The current UK government’s curriculum, which they suggest is a radical change in science education, does not teach children anything about what science really is. They mistakenly think the object of discovery is science. They also mistakenly conflate the core of science with its more superficial process / methodology. While of course the scientific method is essential, and while of course what we’ve discovered is important, what is at the core of good science is neither of these. Rather, science is a way of being. Indeed, it’s the only human endeavour that celebrates uncertainty, diversity, collaboration and is intrinsically motivating (i.e., it is its own reward). These principles of science are also the same values that define play. Hence … science can actually be reframed as play itself. Which means experiments are nothing more than games. The aim in reframing science in this way isn’t to bring people (young and old) to science by ‘making it fun’ – because science is actually very difficult (as is anything done well). Rather, the future of science education is to give children the skills to become adaptable, since being adaptable we be the core of their well-being and success in the future.

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