About me

I have always believed in making science more human, personal and understood. I am a person who in my 77th year is at last realising how to possibly increase implementation of these ideas.


I was brought up in British comprehensive education followed by a degree at Liverpool University in Chemistry and Metallurgy ; All my teaching has been in the 11 to 18 yrs age range and reached scholarship standards ; Served as a Chemistry teaching assistant in 3 grammar schools [one abroad] and 2 private schools ; acted as a co-author in two Chemistry books, Acted as an assistant GCSE and CSE examiner ; Assisted in the dissemination throughout the HOME counties of the Nuffield A level Chemistry course; Gained an M.A in Education at Reading University. Most importantly I spent 30 years as the Head of Chemistry at Reading’s first comprehensive teaching where possible Nuffield Chemistry. All the while bringing up 3 children of our own and helped with 5 grandchildren. ‘Retirement Careers’ included Social Interviewing, stress management and computer based training.
I have learned most from teaching the Nuffield Science schemes – not available when I was a pupil – and from all those brave children, mostly in my comprehensive schools who asked “Please sir, what do I do next?”. Nuffield Science has IMO given the greatest responsibility to pupils in drawing conclusions from investigations – but not across the full spectrum of abilities – as I would have wished.
Further reading :
1. A wider list of my activities are best found by looking up my page in the LINKED IN application.


2. I am on Facebook and on Twitter as @mcflewster.
3. http://www.nuffieldfoundation.org/curriculum-projects

4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Your play on the lyrics to The Firm’s ‘Star Trekkin” (it was never said in the actual show itself) should be ‘It’s Science Jim…’ rather than ‘It Is Science Jim’. Yes I know, it’s pedantic but it’s been annoying me!


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