New to this blog?

1. This suggested list is for people new to this site.
2. Please read my mission statement below

Mission Statement1

3. View the PRELUDE video from TED. This sets the tone for the blog and introduces some of the difficulties about changing the perception of anything. Be ready for a game as soon as this video starts.

4. View the blog discussion on the video. Hopefully you will comment, adding to this discussion.

5. Before trying any practical activity that might be regarded as science read the page Safety First, Not 1st, Safety. The only exception to this would be a THOUGHT EXPERIMENT ( all done in your mind and imagination ).  It is possible to try out a lot of plans and ideas without using materials of any sort which harbour lots of dangers. You will have to rely on your previous experience.
6. Read the Post “What if ..”. This contains my main hypothesis for this site
7.Hopefully comment on the “What if… ” post
8 Continue at random through posts