Safety First not 1st,Safety

It is noticeable that this section is not the first that you read in this blog. However so far we have only been setting the direction. NOW comes realisation of dangers that can follow.
It is perfectly possible to get the idea of science methods using NON Hazardous materials indeed without using materials at all. The ‘thought experiment’ is most valuable.
It is true that in general the dangers involved in doing your own science possibly without supervision ARE VERY GREAT. The dangers are twofold. One to the experimenter and second to anyone who encouraged you along the path that led to the danger. Hence for my safety the inclusion of these warnings… all the time, of course NOT telling you what to do or trying not to.

I shall say two things

1 Try out science techniques and methods with anything other than chemicals – especially corrosive – skin eating, flammable or explosives, biochemical hazardous materials and voltages above 20volts. Not everything dangerous has these labels on.
Hazard Symbols
Avoid the Spectacular -fizzes, flashes and bangs except as demonstrations by trained Scientists or under strict supervision by the same. Safety awareness comes from active thought BEFORE active engagement. Accidents can change you life.
2 Science is a SOCIAL activity i.e. scientists share their thoughts, collaborate and give their results to the world. You are invited to tell the world of your ideas –OK your friend, colleague, Mum or Dad will do at first. Let them check your ideas and expose them to the light of reason and previous knowledge which [Admit it] you do not have.



NB That was occasion #1 on this blog where you were told what to do or rather what NOT to do.

As a teacher my worst experience involved a boy in my Chemistry class who went alone to the woods with an iron tube, a nail, a hammer and some chemical powders. He came back with one less finger and fewer opportunities for work in his life. Further Reading:-